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This photo shows the result step by step how to take a picture type cedula,

the first step is to be without makeup, the second being without accessories ie no earrings

no chains, no other accessory, the third step is to have the hair up so that you see the face and ears,

the fourth step is to take the picture without glasses and also the photo is taken from the chest up remaining thing correctly.

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My family

In this picture we can see is made up of my mom (Ligia Padilla),

my lower Harmana (Valery Narvaez), my pet (Matias) and I the eldest daughter

(Diana Murillo) who we properly formed a very family felis Algre and as seen in this photo .

My dog and i

As we can see in this photo it seems to me and my dog??, which

is very large is three and a half years old and although it is a little big and I have great

appreciation as we realize this is the greatest happiness that can provide one as

a human being just because of company do you, play with you and any other things.

Photo of my dog

My name doki am a small dog three years old I am very

good companion as may be the deal I like to take out for a walk and also

a lot of fun and I play with my mistress.

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My friends and i

In this photo we are all the better friands

that have existed on the planet between them are: lina, anna,

diana, adriana, dayana, camila, stefanny, and of course I alejandra

who helped us to each other.

What i like to do

In this show up on the bike because it is one of my hobbies, dissfruto

shopping and going out to look for my friends to do something in my spare

time trying to entertain but also enjoying the company of my best friends.

What i like to do

This image represents something very important to me because it reflects what I want

and I do not too distant future trying to get ahead and trying to meet all the targets

set for so to reach the main goal is to be a medical professional.

My university

This image shows the logo of the university located in Ibague Tolima

in which I conduct my studies in Occupational Health Career in this form by professionals

with the knowledge needed for the identification, assessment and control of risk factors present in the environment labor.

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